About online consulting and personalized training – step-by- step:

1 – Send an e-mail requesting the online consultation;
2 – You will then receive a response containing values ​​and possible plans;
3 – Deposit the amount corresponding to the plan in the current account informed in the e-mail;
PS: after the deposit please confirm immediately with photo of the proof of it.
4 – Upon receiving the return e-mail, it will contain a questionnaire to be completed by the client;

The questionnaire involves questions about the client’s medical history, trauma, injuries, life habits, pathology, blank worksheet for you to describe your current and current training, current diet, daily routine including chores, work schedules, college, schedule Training and meals, food tastes and finally something that is important to add to the work. The more complete and detailed the spreadsheet, the better the plan customization. Once completed the questionnaire, send it back signed.

5 – wait for the complete e-mail training sheet;
6 – The deadline for delivery to the client will be a maximum of 05 days;
7 – Upon receipt of the worksheet I will be available to address any doubts and questions about the training.

Part 1

Training with weight:

  • Table with weekly body division (which muscles train in the day);
  • Order of exercises to be followed;
  • Detailed universal description of the exercises;
  • Series x repetitions;
  • Rest intervals;
  • Detailed explanation of all training methods included in the program;
  • Relevant information before starting the program, comments on the program and general guidelines;
  • Exercise guide;

Part 2

Cardiovascular training will be developed according to the client’s needs contained in the worksheet:

  • Weekly division of cardio days;
  • Exercise time;
  • Description of the appliances made each day;
  • Description of the intensity imposed in the aerobic training;

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